Spinning is a really various – and customable – technique of fishing. It needs ceaseless shifts, which allow you to explore, know and enjoy a place in his peculiar aspects. “Fishing travel”, as we refer to it, means to live a particular spot such a home-born fisherman: food, habits, tales, houses, meeting pub and, mostly, fishing spots. Every day we’ll have collection of information on the viable and practiced techniques, according with inshore morphology, time lapse and weather conditions, as only local people could be able to do.

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”ACTION FISHING”: Some places are so dangerous for men, that he can’t fish from shore, and sometimes from boat too. In our opinion, every hitch for the achievement of the hardest spot is a challenge. The frenzied and ceaseless research for predators, so close with the strongest element in the nature, allows a man to measure with himself and the sea, straining his actual skills and abilities.

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Sicily and Mediterranean Sea – above amazing landscapes, history, people, culture, wine and food – are characterized by a high number of hot spots fit for many versions of spinning. When correctly equipped and led, with different levels of difficulty (from “simple” to “extreme”) according with seasons, sea conditions and weather, we can ensure you ,at 100%, absolute adrenaline and great performances.


EtnaSpinners spreads and develops the fishing culture, meant as pure sport activity, the real one, the one of whose that are looking forward to set themselves in a fishing spot as first as possible, the one of whose that feel their heartbeat frantically growing up just before the first throw… Firstly, Recreation Fishing is synonymous of respect for marine ecosystem and , therefore, releasing those fishes that aren’t strictly useful for food needs is seen as a great mark of respect; everyone could be well taught about the proceeding of Catch and Release.

All day long trips and expeditions, survival fishing and even a technical and peculiar training are only some between a lot of activities that could be experienced, in order to provide you an absolutely brilliant, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

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