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Etna Spinners made the concept of Mediterranean fishing travels and exploration expeditions. Young Anglers, born on the highest european active Volcano, moved, since they were children, by saltwater passion, exploring and investigating the wildest and remote corners of Mediterranean sea… Everytime with the same  frenzy and impatietience to reach a new island shore, to start casting hard baits into the blue, all day long, without stop, looking for predators!



With our great skills, gained with: many years of exploration, testing travels, studies and even underwater inspections, hundreds of missed lures and fish, exciting strikes and amazing captures, in most unthinkable Mediterranean places and spots too… Now, we can assemble and tailor-make a travel on every single angler, depending on his habits and previous experiences, in order to transmit him, every time, the same, irreplaceable feelings that every travel is able to give!!


Every single expedition is incomparable and, based on period and target-fish, you can choose if searching for tunas along high-rocky coasts, where a rough sea hides a fifty-meters bottom (the safety of the place is personally tested by the guide), or searching for big seabass and bluefish directly in the backdrop’s holes, already well-known because of previous immersions.

Mediterranean action fishing


For the most fearless and venturesome fishermen, luckily, there are the extreme expeditions! For example, you can fish in a volcanic sea bottom, over 70 meters deep, tied with a rope on a vertical rocky cliff, actually suspended in the air (obviously, equipped with security devices); and this, searching for snappers and amberjacks with the vertical jigging. You can also choose to searching for big barracudas and groupers in lands that appear (and actually, are) forgiven by the human being and civilization, reachable only by sea, spending the night in a tent on the seaside, feeding only on the caught fishes, and little more.

EtnaSpinners is not merely concerned with travels; it produces fishing documentaries, designed to worldwide’s TVs, about extreme action fishing in Mediterranean sea and more, in which techniques, conditions, equipments and safety precautions are accurately described. And all, in the most incredible and amazing nature places!

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